Cut Flowers

Locally grown, fresh, cut flowers are always on demand and the use of the appropriate growing medium is vital in professional cultivation. These speciality crops give the highest returns during the peak blooming season. With our team of experts and their in-depth knowledge of the growing process we, at Gro-Med, produce the perfect substrates to grow these flowers, taking into account various factors like – pH value, soil composition, structure, fertilization and so on.

Our products are specially designed to nurture the young plants, from the start seedling stage till maturity.

Coco Husk Chips are a renewable resource and because of their unique texture and hardiness, they can be used for many years thus helping growers save huge costs of frequent repotting. They provide increased drainage and better moisture retention that ensures stronger roots and better blooms.

Products we offer

Ornamental Plants

This special plant category of floriculture focuses on growing plants for decorative purposes and for preserving rare and endangered plant species. These plants beautify our lives and require unique cultivation techniques.

Gro-Med growing media can be customized to suit the unique requirements for these special ornamental plants. Blends with Husk chips are widely used for the growing of orchids.

Gro-Med Coco Blocks are available in different variants – to help ornamental plant growers with their specific requirements. Gro-Med Grow bags optimize the utilization of space in the cultivations area with a multipurpose growing media for diverse ornamental plants. These ornamental plants, when grown under the apt conditions, give rise to attractive foliage and blooms.

Products we offer