Propagation Media

A good propagating medium must be firm and dense, allow proper aeration and be free from weeds and pathogens. Gro-Med products possess all those required characteristics especially the major features mentioned above. Depending on the crop, healthy seedlings are easily transplanted directly to Gro-Med Coco Grow bags along with the Gro-Med Coco Propagation Cubes. Since it’s 100% biodegradable and organic, we also initiate to save the world by replacing inorganic Rockwool from piling up at nursery farms.

Our eco-friendly propagation cubes come with a special blend of coarse or fine coco peat, designed to deliver the ideal air porosity and re-hydration ratio and become the perfect growing medium for young plants in the hydroponics, and professional horticulture industry. Gro-Med Coco Discs, with their efficient drainage capacity, promote healthy root development and minimise transplant-shock. Seedlings and plant cuttings have to be raised with the utmost care before actual transplanting.

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