At a Glance

Backed up with well-defined machinery & resources, we pledge to serve you the best

Going by the fact that an ideal manufacturing place delivers the needed output, we are located at the renowned town of Tamil Nadu- Pollachi. It is considered the major hub of coconut and coconut value-added products. Our manufacturing unit possesses world-class infrastructure to store and process the raw coco peat, concrete drying yards, industry-best material handling equipment, a proficient workforce, streamlined processes ensuring operational efficiency and stringent quality control frameworks.

We have outsourced around 60+ manufacturing facilities at strategic locations, that are under the direct supervision of our skilled team of professionals and are governed by Vaighai’s quality control processes and frameworks. Coupled with standardized in-house and outsourced units, we take pride in yielding our annual coco peat production capacity around 250000CBM (M3).

Our manufacturing unit has state of the art material handling and compressing machines for 5KG Coco Blocks, Coco Grow Slabs, Coco Discs and dedicated Retail packing lines. We offer Gro-Med coco peat in a variety of blends with coco husk chips and coco fibers. These special mixes are available upon customer requests for customized specifications.

Coco Peat - Processing Chart

Research & Development Team

Our dedicated professionals constantly strive to inspire and innovate in every step of the process.

Our proficient R&D team, supported by experienced Agronomists, works around the clock to continuously analyze end-user requirements and research the applications of coco peat for potting soil manufacturers, professional growers, nursery farms, hobby gardeners and special application segments.

A full-fledged laboratory of international standards, acclaimed agronomists and other agro experts constantly innovate new products in the coco substrate stream, while meeting our rigorous quality standards.

Sustainability Framework

It is high time that we utilize our resources in the right way

Reduce Carbon Footprint
To understand and mitigate the global carbon footprint through our products.
Conserve Water
To efficiently use water for consumption & constantly research & implement new ways to re-use processed water.
Save Energy
Our En-Con team constantly strives to conserve energy at all our processing units & vendor facilities.