Coir Rope

Coir rope is a group of fibres that are twisted or braided together into a larger and stronger form and have more number of strands. Our Coir ropes are produced from matured coconuts coir’s that undergoes our quality check with repetitive screening process. It comes with 2 varieties naturally as Brown/White.

Our FMT (Fibre Machine Twist) range is widely acclaimed for being a cost-effective, eco-friendly product. Coir fiber possess a natural high tensile strength which makes our FMT a superior product in the market. Coir rope is 100 % natural & eco-friendly. It has excellent elasticity properties and is naturally resistant to insect infestations as
well as salt water damages. It can absorb water without weakening. These twisted fibers are commended for its high strength and effectiveness. These fibers act as a good ventilation and has a low liquid absorbing agent.

Quality Attributes

  • 100 % natural & high strength fiber.
  • Fine texture & excellent elasticity properties.
  • Resistant to salt water damage, fungus & rots
  • Long lasting and absorbs water without weakening
  • Very cost effective.

Suitable for

Construction Industry, Fishing Nets, Agriculture Farming, Geo Textiles, Making Coir Mattress, Insulating Drainage Pipes, Ship Rope and Rigging