Coir Yarn

The yarn made out of long retted fiber will be softer, will have increased water absorption power, higher breaking strength power, better elongation capacity, and superior longevity and elasticity properties. Long retted fibre is a must for good quality yarn. It is the only natural fiber that resists. Coir yarn original strength and length of the fiber will be preserved.

Coir yarn is generally of 2 ply, depending on customer requirement and may vary in thickness from 2 mm to 5mm. For the purpose of high strength and required finish, yarn is supported with an inner thread of polypropylene /cotton /polyester as per the customer requirement. Available in different forms like hydraulically pressed bales, spools bobbins, dholls, balls etc. cut length for various industrial and agricultural purposes.

Quality Attributes

  • 100 % natural & high strength fiber.
  • Fine texture & excellent elasticity properties.
  • Resistant to salt water damage, fungus & rots
  • Long lasting and absorbs water without weakening
  • Very cost effective.

Suitable for

Hop Cultivation, Mat Making, Construction Industry, Agriculture Farms


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