Coir Geo Textiles

Coir Geo Textiles are made out of coir yarn and are fully biodegradable. They are widely used as an eco-friendly solution to control soil erosion and for river and canal restoration as they help increase surface cover & roughness. They also protect soil and sediment from drainage into water bodies like streams, rivers, canals, ponds etc. We offer our buyers customized sizes and thicknesses of the coir geo-textiles according to their specific applications.

Solution for

Road Laying, Filtration, Drainage, Soil Erosion Control, Slope Stabilization and Bioengineering.



Coir Logs

Coir logs are long logs made of coir geo-tex & coir fibres and are used as a solution to control soil erosion and for river and canal restoration.

  • Knotted and Knot-less netting, Dimensions such as weight and density of filled logs can be customized according to applications.
  • Ideal for riverbank stabilization with riverbank or canal restoration, sediment controlling, silt checks and shoreline, estuary and riverbank protection.

Suitable for

River bank protection, Hillside stabilization, Construction sites, Shorelines and wetlands.