Coir Yarn & Rope

Coir yarn & rope is made of long retted fibers that are twisted or braided together into a larger and stronger form. It has a greater number of strands in each fiber, resulting in a stronger and more versatile material for use in agriculture, manufacturing industries and construction applications. Our coir rope and yarn are produced from matured coconut coir undergoing our quality check with a repetitive screening process, coming up in two varieties naturally, as brown/white. Our coir yarn & rope are strong, tough to break down, perfect for all your manufacturing needs.

To keep our customers’ needs at the core, we strive to bring in premium quality, longest-lasting yarn and rope coming in 2-3 strands with varying thickness from 2 mm to 25 mm, in different forms of bales, spools, bobbins, dholls, balls and cut length for various industrial and agricultural purposes.

Quality Attributes

  • Natural, economical and durable.
  • Fine texture & excellent elasticity properties.
  • Resistant to salt water damage, fungus & rots
  • Long lasting and absorbs water without weakening