Jute Yarn & Rope

Our jute yarn and rope are made from 100% natural jute fibre that is extracted from the source and then blended to give it a tight twist. The jute fibres are then interlocked to form each yarn/ rope, making it tough, flexible, and durable. We have a huge range of jute yarn/rope you can choose from like CRT, CB, hessian and sacking to bring out the best in your work. The finished product offers flexibility, strength and resistance to shrinkage and splitting.

We offer single and multiple-ply jute ropes available in bleached, dyed, and blended forms with different colors, compositions and shapes like cylindrical, conical and spherical to best suit customer’s requirements.

Quality Attributes

  • 100% Natural & Eco friendly
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent tying capability
  • Consistent performance
  • Long lasting nature
  • Economically durable