Hop Twines

Coir twine is the perfect twine for growing hops. This is the same twine used for years on commercial hop farms, and is now available to you! Home gardeners who grow hops will want a strong, natural fiber to string up their hops and allow a sturdy medium for the vines to grow on. Coir twine is 100% natural and suited for vining the hops instead of metal wire stringing. Coir Twine is a dense, strong material made out of coir fibers from coconut husks. Cultivate hops for beer industry, various purposes in other beverages, and herbal medicine it is also used for horticulture & other agricultural needs.

Coir twine has several other uses in the garden and around the home. Coir Twine has well-balance tension, flexibility, and biodegradability of our twine enhances the beauty of your home garden.