Soil Erosion Control

Soil erosion is a growing threat that has destructive effects on crop productivity and paves the way to other problems such as pollution of wetlands, waterbeds and lakes. Increased salinity & acidity levels, loss of soil structure, bad internal drainage systems and various other factors can accelerate the process of soil erosion. Gro-Med Geo-Textiles are 100% biodegradable and are specially manufactured to protect the land from soil erosion.

This unique product can be used in the layering of roads, providing an effective drainage system that also acts in holding soil from being eroded. Our Coir logs are most ideal for riverbank stabilization, sediment control, silt checks and riverbank protection. These top grade products are highly effective in controlling soil degradation.

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Sports Field

An ideal sports field must be tough, resilient enough to adapt to severe climate and be sufficiently equipped with the needed facilities. A proper field with smooth conditions will improve the playability, enabling the individuals to express their spirit on the ground. Soccer, Golf Green, Landscapes constructors build world-class sports fields using Gro-Med Coco Peat as a growing medium in their soil substrate mixes, this enhances the grass growth with better rooting, use minimum nutrients for maintenance and save water consumption.

This most suitable medium ensures strong root growth and will prevent from future risks. Our products with efficient drainage system create high-quality athletic fields, which are totally committed to healthy sports.

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Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens (wall gardens) are an innovative form of growing vegetation, where walls or any part of a building can be converted into beautiful greenery with enchanting designs. This urban form of cultivation is not only restricted to ornamental plants for aesthetic purposes but also with food, medicinal and several herb plants.

Our specifically designed Coir basket liners are available in varying colours, shapes, and sizes and are suitable for hanging, wall mounting or to be freestanding using wireframes. These are most suitable to grow decorative foliage plants, flowers, herbs and succulents. Our coir pots are lightweight, biodegradable and enhance plant growth due to better root aeration.

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