Plant Protection

Coco Husk Chips are a renewable resource and because of their unique texture, they can be used for many years helping the growers save huge replacement costs. Husk chips are widely used as an eco-friendly solution replacing plastic, for weed control in open fields. They can be packed and exported as 5 kg blocks, bricks, 20 kg bales etc. Our Coir Mats are a 100% natural weed deterrent used to cover the soil around the base of a plant/tree. These mats protect the area around the roots of plants from the development of harmful weeds. They are made of pure coconut coir that provides excellent water retention and keeps roots from drying up.

These Coir Mats are aesthetically pleasing, provide protection and over a period of time, completely break down and become part of the soil, thus providing the plant with more nutrients that can be easily absorbed.

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