Soft Fruits

Our Gro-Med Coco Grow Bags are the perfect growing medium to grow soft Fruit Trees. Gro-Med soft fruit products are tailor-made to fulfil the exact needs of Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry growers. With our state-of-the-art facilities to wash, grade and buffer our coco peat, we provide your crops with the best growing environment as soon as they are planted. Gro-Med promotes healthy roots, gives optimum drainage and maintains the core particle structure of the coco peat which enables it to be used for multiple years without any adverse effects on your crops.

Products Offered:

  • Gro-Med Coco Grow Bags
  • Gro-Med Open Top Grow Bags
  • Gro-Med Coco Blocks

We offer customizations to suit our individual buyers’ needs. Buyers can choose their preferred blend and customize the dimensions and pre-cut plant, dripper and drainage holes of their Growbags. Holes can also be drilled directly into the coir slabs at dripper points to facilitate expansion. We use only high quality, UV treated and recyclable plastic and offer both white and black plastic bags to suit different climates, giving grower in different climatic conditions the option to use the extra heat absorbed by black plastic for early picking if required.

Products we offer

Vegetables Grow Bags

As we are aware of the prevailing market trends and requirements, we have developed expertise in providing growers with crop-specific mixes, including special potting mixes like Coco peat and Coco Blocks, to suit their needs, such as Grow Bags for Vegetable Gardening. Our special potting mixes give the proper aeration and ideal porosity, essential for the crops to thrive well, especially when utilizing Coir Grow Bags For Vegetables and other growing bags for vegetables. The growers could experience the quality of our coir substrate, including Vegetable Grow Bags, by utilizing them effectively and watching their plants grow, producing desirable results.

We give our buyers the flexibility to choose the variant that matches the exact requirements of their crop, with options like grow bags for vegetables. We very well understand the concern of every buyer and suggest extraordinary mixes, such as our Gro-Med Grow Bags and Coco Blocks, to grow fresh and healthy vegetables, just the way they wish for. Industry experts claim our Gro-Med Grow Bags and Coco Blocks to be the perfect growing medium for vegetables, making our Coco peat products a preferred choice for those aiming for extended harvesting periods and quality growing medium over others.

Products we offer

Fruit Trees Grow Bags

Gro-Med is one of the biggest brands in the coco peat market, and we understand how crucial it is to choose the right growing medium, such as coco peat and coco blocks, for fruit trees.

Support and R&D of our proficient team of horticulturists, we have developed our unique range of Gro-Med products for fruit tree cultivation, including the use of growing bags. Our products are an excellent soil amendment, promoting stronger root growth and better absorption of nutrients required by different fruit trees, especially when using growing bags as a convenient and effective growing medium.

Gro-Med coco peat is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making it an ideal growing medium for young plants and trees, particularly when utilizing grow bags.

Products we offer

Leafy Plants

Gro-Med Growbags and Coco Blocks are biodegradable, pest-free and eco-friendly and feature standard pH, excellent water absorption, easy re-hydration properties and high physical anchoring that make them the most preferred medium for all types of foliage plants.

We continue to innovate ways to assist growers and manufacture only quality substrates that are tried & tested to ensure stress-free cultivation. Leading gardeners and nursery owners prefer using Gro-Med growbags for all of their foliage plants since it is easy-to-use, organic and even saves costs since bags can be removed easily if contaminated.

We strive to provide our buyers with diverse options in potting mixes – in varied formats & sizes.

Products we offer