Gro-Med Coco Husk Chips Block

Gro-Med Coco Husk Chips are diced pieces of coconut husk. The main benefit of using Coco Husk Chips Block in growing media is the high air porosity it contributes that allows free aeration and efficient drainage. Coco Husk Chips take over 4 years to break down when used in potting mixes and are widely used in growing media for floriculture.

Coco Husk Chips are an ideal replacement for pine bark and similar wood barks since they are a renewable resource and because of their unique texture that allows them to be used for over 3 to 5 years, saving growers huge costs from frequent repotting.

We offer Gro-Med Coco Husk Chips Block in different sizes ranging between 6mm to 20mm.

Suitable for growing

Cut flowers, ornamental plants and for vegetables/soft fruits.