Gro-Med Coco Blocks

Gro-Med Coco Peat is produced from coconut husks in the process of extraction of coconut coir fibre. We triple-wash our coco peat to reduce its sodium and Electrical Conductivity levels (EC) and follow the RHP Standard in ageing it, free from weeds and foreign materials. We guarantee our growers stronger root growth in plants that use Gro-Med Coco Peat as a growing medium. Gro-Med is also completely peat free, has a stable pH, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

We produce our compressed coco peat Gro-Med coco coir blocks in different variants of –

  • Coarse particle size
  • Blend of fine/coarse particles,
  • Blend of coco peat/coco husk chips,
  • Blend of coco peat/short fibre

to suit the specific requirements of growers. We give our buyers the flexibility to choose the variant that matches the exact requirements of their crop and also our varied blends of coco peat offer different Re-Hydration Capacities (Water absorption) and porosity of the media. Gro-Med coco coir blocks expands quick and easy to fill in planter bags, container pots, grow bags & vertical growing kits.

Suitable for growing

Tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, eggplants, soft fruits, cut flowers, ornamental plants and leafy plants.